Blogs We Read*

Young House Love  DIYers like us...I have stolen ideas from them and done a happy dance when they have done something similar to what we've already done. **Update -- I was sad when they stopped blogging last year but I still turn to their site for ideas.

Hooked on Houses - From celebrity houses to movie and TV houses to magazine houses to her own personal sunroom....I always leave this site with my head spinning with ideas.

The Pioneer Woman - I have cooked her recipes and have the extra 5 pounds to prove it! Our bathroom vanities were inspired by her lodge redo. (photos and links to be posted soon!!)

NieNie Dialogs - I love Stephanie Nielson's personal style....and the rest of her story will have you cheering for her.

The Happiness Project - I will confess to having a lot of *aha* moments from this site and I have the book by the same title. Anyone mired in house projects should read *Are you a satisficer or a maximizer?* I'm generally a satisficer while my husband is a maximizer which is probably a good thing so we balance each other out.

IHeartOrganizing - I have gotten many great tips from this site and I love their whole design aesthetic. It is not exactly mine, but I'm learning how to make my ideas more crisp and clean.

(*Actually....I usually read them and make my husband execute the ideas I steal, eat the recipes that I try, etc.)

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