Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY Art Cable

One of the latest trends that I really like is hanging artwork from an art cable. Pottery Barn has some really nice choices like the Flower Art Cable but I found myself feeling stubborn about paying $39 (plus shipping).

I started Googling and looking through Pinterest and realized I could probably DIY something that would work well enough.  This is what we came up with!

I found the wire and hooks at (we do not live near any *craft stores* and I hate shopping so I buy a lot online). I wanted something thicker and sturdier looking than the Pottery Barn wire and this wire was rated to hold 50 pounds...PLENTY for this job. I don't think we'll see very much sagging here. I shopped around online trying to decide on the perfect knob or hook and finally asked Sean to see if he could find something on his next trip to Lowe's.  He liked these knobs because he thought they matched the hooks. 
Sean found the studs in the wall that made the most sense visually which ended up making our art wire 6 feet 8 inches long (shorter than Pottery Barn's version, but we couldn't fit 10 feet in the space we had.). He simply wrapped the wire securely around the knobs and we were all set!

I'm really happy with how our project turned out. I can honestly say when we were done I was already trying to figure out where I could put another one!

Parts list:

OOK 50174 Framers Hanging Wire Supports Up to 50 Pounds  $5.15 at (I could have probably gotten this cheaper at Lowe's but I was already ordering from Amazon and I was feeling impatient. Lowe's would be a special trip or an extra stop.

Clip It Up Clips 25-Pack $8.79 at (again...I could have shopped around for these too. But I have 25 vs. the 10 that come with the Pottery Barn wire, so I can make more art wires if I want.)

8-Count 8-32 x 1-1/2" Zinc-Plated Flat-Head Hanger Bolts  $0.98 for again...I have supplies for another project.

So the total cost for our version was under $20 and we have spare parts left over to make more.

(Sorry if the parts list is displaying wonky. It looks just fine in the preview but the formatting is all wrong in the actual post. I give up....)

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