Saturday, January 21, 2012

Concrete Countertop - Round 1

I've always loved the look of concrete countertops and we even toyed with the idea of doing our kitchen countertops in concrete. In the end we opted not too, but we had a pantry that needed a countertop and we really didn't want to bust the budget on it.

Sean did a lot of research but the DIY experience posted here on Kelly Moore's blog was the one that we could identify with and referred to the most.

On the original plans the pantry was the laundry room, but I wanted the laundry room upstairs and thought this space would be great as a pantry.

First Sean made a template to help later when making the forms, the sink placement, etc.

As our luck would have it we had higher than normal temperatures the weekend we wanted to pour the countertop so we were up early in the morning to get started before things got too warm.

 Halfway through filling the form we threw in some rebar for good measure.
 Then vibrated out the bubbles.....
We let it sit a day before taking the forms off.

 And finally, sealed with the sink installed.
I'd say this contertop cost us less than $100 and we really like it. Right now it is buried under a pile of odds and ends just waiting for us to get our pantry shelves installed and organized.

We were so pleased with how this countertop turned out that we decided to do Rosie's bathroom in concrete too. More to come on that in another post because it turned out a bit differently for us the second time around!

Pantry color: Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise from the 1950s Suburban Modern Collection

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