Saturday, January 14, 2012

Upstairs Hall / Study...whatever you want to call it...

One of the things I liked about the floorplans for our house was that the upstairs hall area was more like a living area rather than a long narrow hall leading to the bedrooms. It is not a big space but it gets plenty of natural light.

Here is the version from the Healthy Home Plans site:

Here is our version in its developing stages: trim here either. But this is the perfect spot for our beloved secretary desk that has been kept in 2 separate pieces in two separate houses for the past four years since our temporary house did not have high enough ceilings for it. We've also been pulling our favorite books out of storage to fill the shelves.  We eliminated the short wall that maybe was meant to define what the architect had labeled as the *children's study* thinking that it would flow better. I just didn't envision this space as a children's study either.We are happy with the change and think it really opens up the space. We need to get some pictures on the wall and fill the space to make it look lived in, but we are getting there. I'm not a decorator, so things just have to happen naturally over time.
I've been scouring the internet to try to find an electronic copy of this view. I do have a print copy but it is buried in the heaps of boxes I need to unpack and I just can't put my hands on it.  Where we have a railing (very rough and temporary for code purposes only) the architect had walls to the ceiling with a little desk and art glass in the wall overlooking the staircase. We really wanted to open up the whole space so we eliminated the walls in the stairwell all the way down through to the basement.  Eventually we are going to add a windowseat on the landing where the plant stand is now.

The little step-down before heading down the stairs is actually a nice little detail that we like. It leads to our daughter's room and just provides a little architectural detail without being too obvious. It's just something we like without really having to know why.

(The walls and ceiling are Hubbard Squash from Sherwin Williams.)

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