Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fine Art

Years before we became parents, we used to plan our vacations around house museums -- the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island, Mark Twain's house in Hartford, Connecticut, Falling Water, Biltmore Estate, the mansions of the Hudson River Valley (Wilderstein is a favorite)....

I remember visiting Henry Clay Frick's mansion, Clayton in Pittsburgh and one of the highlights of the tour was their extensive art collection. As I remember it, we were shown a Monet which was amazing, but hanging right next to it with equal honor was a painting done by one of the Frick children (Childs Frick). I think the tour guide made as big of a fuss over Childs' painting as she did the Monet. I always remembered that and although I know I will never have a real Monet hanging in my house, I will always hang my own child's artwork as if it were! Even though they were very rich and had museum pieces in their house it was very evident that children lived and played there. I loved that.

I have started a mini gallery above the folding table in my laundry room. I buy inexpensive canvases when I think of it or when I see them on sale. We each received an original Rosie as birthday gifts this year and I will treasure them forever. I will keep expanding my collection of fine art as long as I have wall space!

Rosie with Aurora and the Prince 
An Abstract of a King watching a Pink video
A Wood Thrush
Me Watering the Garden (with a witch and a bird in the sky)

I am also a huge fan of the Lil Davinci frames for displaying (and storing!) artwork. (The company Dynamic Frames has no idea who I am. I like their product all on my own...)

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