Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love / Hate Jewelry Organization

When I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was play in my grandmother's jewelry box. Although my memory has faded, I see it in my mind as one of those dresser top, black enameled boxes with a mirror in the back. For some reason it was just magical.

For years I dreamed of having my own jewelry box, but I wanted the big upright kind. Finally I made the leap and found one that I liked. I love it. I hate it.

It fits nicely in our master closet. I love our master closet! Our closet is more like a little room between our master bedroom and master bath and I don't feel like I'm walking through the closet to get to either space (floor plan below). I don't see clothes unless I go around the corner and go into the actually closet. (It would drive me crazy to look at clothes hanging there all the time.) I tucked the jewelry box in the lower left corner of the closet where it is sort of more like a little hall way between the bedroom and bath. It nicely compartmentalizes most of my jewelry and looks good closed.

Here's the part I hate. I'm not disciplined enough to keep it organized and the compartments are just not adequate. Although I do it out of necessity, I hate all of my jewelry being mixed in together and some pieces have gotten scratched and even broken. On a busy morning it's no fun trying to remember if my favorite silver earrings are in the top drawer or bottom drawer or laying on the dresser because I didn't bother putting them away because I hate the little jewelry compartments.

It also has these handy hidden doors in the side. The problem,....98% of my necklaces don't fit, even when doubled over. When I tried to make it work I ended up with a tangled mess.

I finally realized after covering my dresser and vanity with jewelry that I am more of a visual person and I need everything laid out in front of me. I love ledge shelves and I got the idea to put hooks in the bottom of one to hang my necklaces from.  I wanted to put some artwork in my closet too, so this solved both problems.

It's the simple things....but it is so nice to walk in my closet and see my necklaces hanging nicely. There is plenty of space and I can even put 2 or 3 necklaces on a hook without them getting tangled.

My next plan is to find the perfect way to organize my earrings. (Pinterest...Pinterest....Pinterest!!)

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